30 August, 2007

Something cute from Australia


Mary Ellen said...

Very Cool!!!!

Alien Citizen said...

Guess I missed it. Says it's not available anymore.

two crows said...

hey, AC--
it was working when I embedded it.
there're several at youtube. I'll try another.

Alien Citizen said...

Hah...yeah, that's real subtle 2C! :P

What were they selling again?


Actually, I think even in the US that the alcohol companies seem to have the most creative advertising. They are especially good at getting the attention of kids with their animal commercials, etc.

two crows said...

yeah, well--
I guess THIS ad wasn't the best illustration of that, was it? :)
I saw a tv show about ads once-- I remember one in particular. it was french. a little boy and a little girl [about 9 or so] in school. kind of flirting. he lent her his pen. no mention of the brand name or anything. but the ad was for the pen.