06 August, 2007

Sensory Deprivation

Strange, the thoughts that pop into my head when I'm wallpapering and have no music or other sound going on in the house:
Out of nowhere, I had a thought: ''Joseph [of technicolor dreamcoat fame] must have been a sagittarius. We're famous for the open-mouth-insert- foot-chew-well-and-swallow technique. If he'd just kept his mouth shut instead of bragging about all those dreams of his brothers bowing down before him, the entire history of the Jews might have been a different story altogether."

I need to get out more.


Alien Citizen said...

What's your email? I'll send you some mp3s. :-)

Yin Yang said...

Got it. Delete away.

-This is Alien by the way. I just have multiple blogging personalities. :-)