11 August, 2007


Alien Citizen said...

Hah. I think the headquarters for the AMMA is down the street from where we are currently. It's certainly a frequently debated subject around these parts. See UMass

two crows said...

frequently debated? why?
isn't it pretty well settled that marijuana helps combat glaucoma, helps control pain, increases the appetites of cancer and aids patients and helps them keep their food down?

what's to debate? except the fact that our gov't regularly raids clinics that dispense this medication and arrests people for taking it -- except for that, I mean.

it's ok, of course, to take ibuprofen which can, over time, destroy your liver. but, since you can't squeeze a giggle out of ibuprofen, IT'S ok to take. since marijuana has the unfortunate habit of making people feel good, the gov't is out to get it.

go figure.

pissed off patricia said...

There should be no debate when we have something that could take away pain from human beings. Where is our humanity?

two crows said...

hey, PoP--
good to see you here at scattershot.

as to where our humanity is --
imho, gone the way of the dinosaur long since.