11 August, 2007

On Confusion

When I was in psych training, this was posted over the door of one of my teachers [there were several over the years].
I guess I was, all unknowingly, also in training for my later career as a blogger. I shamelessly stole it and placed it in a prominent position in my office where it resided for years.
Hey! If we can't laugh at ourselves, all really IS lost-- :)
We have not succeeded in answering all of your problems. In fact, the answers we have put forth have only succeeded in producing new questions. However, we believe we are now confused at a higher level and about more important things.


DiaGnostic said...

Finally zou have reached the normal state of affairs for our daz and age, welcome to the club. More we ask and more we find out more there is to ask and find out. True information age, pretty soon the information will consume all and The Matrix will begin.

two crows said...

hey, diagnostic --
I do love to puncture the bubble of the many pshrinks who like to pretend as if they have some sort of special knowledge.
I sometimes have wild mood swings -- between idealism and cynicism. :)