05 August, 2007

I'm back! :)

Over the next few weeks, wallpapering permitting, I'm going to revive this blog.
I plan to make it a free-romp, just-for-fun kind of site. My recess from the scary stuff I see going on around me.
So, I'll be cleaning out the political stuff that's still here and posting light hearted pieces, funny stuff I come across, etc.

I'll be mentioning it to friends I've made on other blogs and inviting folks over for chai latte and bagels.
And, I may [probably will] invite some folks to be co-authors if they've a mind to. If you're interested in co-authoring, btw--don't be shy. Just ask.

As much as possible, I'd like to leave our cares at the thresh hold. If we want angst, we can nip over to Preserve, Protect and Defend or someplace for that.
So, c'mon in -- set a spell -- chew the fat. :)

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