13 August, 2007

Walking Away From the Keyboard Shaking My Head in Amazement

Heard on Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me! [a news quiz show on NPR]

All true stories-- honest to God-- you can't make this stuff up:

1] A man traveled by airplane from Miami [I think it was] to N. Carolina [I think] before any airport personnel tumbled to the fact that he had a marmoset on his head. Well, actually, the personnel never did figure it out. The passengers let the staff know that something was amiss.
According to Wait, Wait. . . the marmoset was quite well behaved, sitting in the man's lap, eating the airline peanuts and ordering useless stuff out of the on-board magazine.

2] An 8 foot tall, smiling leggo man washed up on a beach in Denmark last week. It must have escaped from a kindergarten class and gone for a swim???

3] The Chinese government has issued a new edict: Buddhist monks are now required to file an affidavit in order to be allowed to [get this] reincarnate.
It seems that, since the higher ranking monks all claim to be incarnations of previous people who were, likewise, in the hierarchical stratosphere, the government wants a piece of this action. They want to be able to dictate who will come back and when so they can control the Buddhist religion.
4] A woman, arrested for drunk driving, was wearing a T-shirt which sported the statement, 'I'M A DRUNK-- NOT AN ALCOHOLIC. ALCOHOLICS GO TO MEETINGS'

As I say-- you can't make this stuff up!


Mary Ellen said...

An 8 foot tall, smiling leggo man washed up on a beach in Denmark last week.

Are you sure it wasn't Al Gore???

Only kidding!!!!! I love the guy, honest!

two crows said...

it's true he has learned how to smile since 2004.
and, it's true he is still rather stilted----
hey! you may be onto something there!