05 August, 2009

Una and Laura are home! YAYAYAYAYAY!
Thank goodness we now have a president who doesn't posture, yell "Bring it on!" and label other countries as evil but, instead, pursues diplomatic avenues.

Una and Laura owe Obama and Clinton their freedom, maybe their lives.
The rest of us owe them the potential of reopening relations with North Korea and, possibly, a safer world.

Hnh! I went and closed my political blog because I was so discouraged — and here comes some good news. Go figure.


LeftLeaningLady said...

YAY! Good news.

It does happen, unfortunately, it just doesn't happen that often.

It is so nice that we have a well-spoken President with a brain who is smart enough to use our left well-spoken President with a brain for something besides stumping for cash.

It is so awesome that those 2 ladies have been returned, safe and sound. We should just enjoy this bright moment.

an average patriot said...

I look forward to seeing much more of Clinton. Obama needs him to lead the way against this Repug madness. It was nice to see him and Gore together again. They are bothy needed.. I just went back to the videos can't see them enough. Great!

two crows said...

hi, LLL--
yeah, so sad that this sort of thing happens so rarely.

and, Rush rushed to smear his excrement all over it. no surprise, there.

two crows said...

glad you came over, Jim--
agreed that Clinton and Gore are still needed by our country. of course, the neo-cons gnash their teeth.
on one of the you tube vids, someone posted Laura's speech and said, "I'm not going to show Al Gore's speech,and I think you know why..."

can you BELIEVE IT?
that, all by itself, reminded me why I gave up on PP&D.

And, of course, FOX News is saying, "It's hard to believe that during the 1 1/2 hour face-to-face and 2 hour dinner nothing more than a photo op was offered."

yep. FOX does its usual. if this had been a Rethug bringing these women home, no such thing would have been suggested.
but then, no rethug would've done it. if McCain had been elected, we would now be embroiled in a 3rd war.

PoliShifter said...

I get so tired of the media. Obama and Hillary couldn't win for losing.

If they engaged NKorea the Conservative thugs would have called them appeasers.

Clinton was able to do it a-politically and get the reporters home safely and Obama and Hillary still caught hell from John Bolton. It appears Mr. Bolton would rather have the reporters remain in prison for life doing hard labor if it means "talking" to NKorea.

It was all pretty sad to see how the media spun it and people joke about how only Bill could come home with two girls.

It was a wonderful momment we should all be proud of. It should also tell us the American People how much Bill Clnton is liked and respected. It should remind us how important it is to have a liked and respected President.

Can you imagine Bush going to any country ever to try to negotiate the release of prisoners or hostages?

I am still just amazed Bill was able to get in and out of Nkore not to mention getting the reporters freed. It was a great day..too bad the media tried to turn it into something it was not.

I think Obama and Hillary played it perfectly both politically and diplomatically.

two crows said...

hi, Poli--
oh, yeah-- I've just been waiting for someone to suggest that it was better to leave the women to rot than to talk to N. Korea.

and McCain would've done exactly that, I'm sure.

as to Bush/Cheney doing anything of the sort? ummmmm-- no, that would require a brain. between the 2 of em, they didn't have one.

an average patriot said...

I get more peeved at fox every day! Olbermann has been having at it with Oreiley, they are all asses!