01 February, 2008

This from the Onion:
Area Eccentric Reads Entire Book
January 19, 2008

GREENWOOD, IN—Sitting in a quiet downtown diner, local hospital administrator Philip Meyer
looks as normal and well-adjusted as can be. Yet, there's more to this 27-year-old than first meets the eye: Meyer has recently finished reading a book.

Yes, the whole thing.

"It was great," said the peculiar Indiana native, who, despite owning a television set and having an active social life, read every single page of To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. "Especially the way things came together for Scout in the end. Very good."
Click here for the complete text.


pissed off patricia said...

An adult reads a book and it's news? Damn for all the books I've read I should be a headliner.

two crows said...

isn't that a hoot?
I just love The Onion. :)