28 January, 2008

Recycling Mostly Air. Not anymore!

Back when I was selling the KC house, I held out to be able to take my high quality can-crusher with me. Of course, if I’d been thinking clearly I’d have taken it off the wall before putting the house on the market in the first place. But as anyone who was around at the time is fully aware, I was NOT thinking clearly. [fwiw—if ANYONE who undertook a home-sale-and-cross-country-move was thinking clearly they simply wouldn’t do it—right?]

Where was I—oh yeah:
So, after I got somewhat settled in, I looked around and couldn’t find my drill bits. Okay, no problem, they ‘ll surface—right? Wrong.
Well, I WAS NOT going to out and buy new ones. If I did that every time they went missing, there’d be no point in recycling in the first place except to replace the resources I’d wasted by being so absent minded. I held out and, yesterday, I FOUND EM!

So, today I finally got the drill bits, the power drill, the level, 3 large screws and the can crusher all into one room at the same time—and all it took was 10 months and 2 weeks. The can-crusher is now mounted on the wall. The tools are put away [and, this time, I know where I put the bits]. The aluminum cans that had previously FILLED a fairly large plastic shopping bag now take up about 1/8 of the space in said bag.

Now, a word of warning here:
If anyone who comments on this piece resorts to giggling, chuckling, snortling, guffawing or pointing and snickering when I reveal the fact that the drill bits were in a toolbox in the laundry room [the room I mounted the can-crusher in and where it has been residing just waiting to be installed for most of those 10+ months] their comment will be summarily deleted—
just sayin. :)


pissed off patricia said...

There is no smile on my face. I swear. Okay a grin, but not a smile.

Don't you have curb pick up of recycle stuff in Clearwater? We stopped smashing our cans once we didn't have to take them somewhere ourselves to recycle them. Now they are picked up once a week along with glass and newspapers and cardboard.

two crows said...

hey, PoP--
a grin is as good as a smile--- :)
as to the curbside program, DON'T get me started!!!

this community of old fuddy-duddies just can't be bothered and the city won't come in here for the few who would participate.
I've been trying since I got here to get people to agree to participate in the curbside program -- with no luck at all.
>>:-( rrrrrrrrggghhhhhhhh!!!