05 September, 2009

Back in April, I wrote a piece on Preserve, Protect and Defend about Obama's statement that he wanted to look forward and not pursue the people who developed and carried out the torture programs. In it, I suggested a convoluted reasoning on his part that might, in the long run, bring the perpetrators to justice.

I may not have been looking deeply enough, however.
Today I read a piece by Eugene Robinson in the Washington post. He wrote, with disgust, of the psychiatrists and physicians who participated in the torture.
And I came across this comment on the article.
Whoever gkam is, my hat is off to him or her. The reasoning is absolutely wonderful.
If this is what Obama has in mind our nation may be saved yet.
Please, please let gkam be right.
gkam wrote:
There are large issues at stake here, and they are not all ours.

Eric Holder has no choice - he MUST investigate these crimes. But if Holder pursues the perpetrators of Shock and Awe, torture, and other war crimes, several things will happen. The conservatives will scream "politics", and the matter will forever be tainted.

It will then go to a Grand Jury, and become instantly secret. We will find out only what the government wants us to know.

What's more, we are not the aggrieved in this matter. These were international crimes, committed in foreign lands, against citizens of other countries, in direct violation of International Law. They belong in the international venue, in the jurisdictions of international courts.

This is terrifically important: The real victims will not trust our country to deal with our own leaders. If we decide to prosecute, it will cheat those victims of those crimes out of THEIR justice, in THEIR jurisdictions, the actual locality of the crimes.

I believe Obama was intentionally waiting, giving time to those building their international cases from the continuous streams of information emanating from the squealing rats jumping ship, and the lice hopping off the rats.

Obama knows that one of the primary criteria of the International Criminal Court is whether it is likely that the offenders will be tried in their own country. By "not looking back", Obama sent a signal to those prosecutors elsewhere to start their investigations. They are doing so as we type.


As the Big Bad Boys get their day in the Dock of the Hague, we will deal here at home with those who corrupted our Department of Justice and looted the treasury.

That way, everyone wins - we get justice, the aggrieved get their day in their courts, tyranny is exposed and prosecuted, and the entire world gets an object lesson in rampant violence and International Evil.

Justice be done!


LeftLeaningLady said...

Ok, I am going to bow your great brilliance and HOPE HOPE HOPE you are speaking the truth. I agree with you, 100%, IF it really happens as you predict.

two crows said...

so do I, LLL--- so do I.
I fervently hope gkam knew what he/she was talking about.

it makes sense in a convoluted way. and what's politics if not convoluted?