07 February, 2007

Movin Out! :)

signed the final papers today!
but, still--
periodically, I ask myself why I'm going through this agony.
this AM I got a reminder:
I rolled out of bed and phoned the weather. the temp was 2. with the wind, it felt like -15.
I put on my warmest clothes, including my mukluks and parka. walked myself very gingerly over the ice to the truck.
out in the wind, even my hollow-fill coat let some of the wind in--and my face and hands felt like they were being cut with knives.
I drove from 46th st to 135th st on roads that are dry in the middle but are treacherous along the edges. the drive took about an hour. the signing of all the papers took about 20 minutes.
got back in the truck and drove another hour along roads that look deceptively safe.

oh, yeah, THAT'S why I'm doing this.
I remember now.

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