22 July, 2006

Please Stop With The Spam

Although my blog has been online for a few months now, I am still relatively naïve in the matter of blogging in general. So, it eludes me why people apparently program bots to spam other people’s blogs.
on the off chance that the person who has spammed my blog a couple of times now is doing so out of naivety, as well, I just wish to state that your spam is unappreciated.

Even if you disagree with what I’m saying [and I welcome thoughtful disagreement at least as much as rubber stamps], the fact is: I do put thought, time, energy and effort into my posts. I very much appreciate and want to encourage comments on the content of the articles in the blog.

Generic comments on ‘graphics’, colors or telling me what a great job I’m doing, though, are uncalled for and unwelcome. One such comment might be a mild ego booster—even if irrelevant. To open my email and discover 358 such comments, however, is simply a major nuisance and absolutely uncalled for.
What have I ever done to you?

So, whoever is spamming the blog please go get your own life and leave mine alone.
On the other hand, if you have real comments on the content of the articles, please do enter them. Those are always welcome.

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